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Biography of Derek R. Lauer, aia

As an accomplished guitarist, Derek Lauer attended Berklee College of Music in Boston emphasizing jazz, classical and contemporary composition styles. Since then he has been an avid songwriter and has self-produced, recorded and engineered over 120 compositions on nine CDís of original music. Along with many years of live performances and teaching music privately, He Has made several TV appearances and has taken first place in several guitar competitions. As a journalist, he has had over 100 articles published as a staff writer for PlaybackSTL where he interviews legendary musicians and reviews musical recordings and performances.

Derek spends his spare time on artwork, landscape and abstract photography, cooking, gardening, kick-boxing, archery, canoeing and other outdoor sports.

American Institute of Architects
American Association of University Professors
Derek Lauer has honed a diverse and highly developed set of skills with extensive experience in architectural design, visualization and production as well as project and team management. In addition, He is currently an instructor at the Art Institute and has previously taught at the Washington University School of Architecture with instruction in Graphics, AutoCAD and Computing in Architecture and at St. Louis County Community College teaching architectural presentation techniques, Photoshop and 3-D modeling and animation.

Currently on the Boards are several Architectural and urban design projects including designs for a Convention Center campus, a metal Art Sculpture in a prominent public park, a masterplan of a major downtown development, an International Trade Center, an Aquarium, a multi-family apartment complex, and re-development of thr MLK Drive
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